Major Publications


  1. A. L. Pillai, R. Kurose, 
    “Numerical investigation of combustion noise in an open turbulent spray flame”,
    Applied Acoustics,  133,  16-27 (2018).
    [Online version]
  2. H. Tani, H. Terashima, Y. Daimon, M. Koshi, R. Kurose, 
    “A numerical study on hypergolic combustion of hydrazine sprays in nitrogen tetroxide streams”,
    Combustion Science and Technology,  190,  515-533 (2018).
    [Online version]
  3. Y. Hu, R. Kurose, 
    “Nonpremixed and premixed flamelets LES of partially premixed spray flames using a two-phase transport equation of progress variable”,
    Combustion and Flame,  188,  227-242 (2018).
    [Online version] (Open Access)


  1. N. Takagaki, S. Komori, M. Ishida, K. Iwano, R. Kurose, N. Suzuki, 
    “Loop-type wave-generation method for generating wind waves under long-fetch conditions”,
    Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology,  34,  2129-2139 (2017).
    [Online version]
  2. R. N. Roy, M. Muto, R. Kurose, 
    “Direct numerical simulation of ignition of syngas (H2/CO) mixtures with temperature and composition stratifications relevant to HCCI conditions”,
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,  42, 41,  26152-26161 (2017).
    [Online version]
  3. A. Kishimoto, H. Moriai, K. Takenaka, T. Nishiie, M. Adachi, A. Ogawara, R. Kurose, 
    “Application of a non-adiabatic flamelet/progress-variable approach to Large Eddy Simulation of H2/O2 combustion under a pressurized condition”,
    Journal of Heat Transfer,  139,  124501 (4 pages) (2017).
    [Online version]
  4. K. Takata, R. Kurose, 
    “Influence of density flow on treated water turbidity in a sedimentation basin with inclined plate settler”,
    Water Science & Technology,  17,  1140-1148 (2017).
  5. T. Kitano, H. Iida, R. Kurose, 
    “Effect of chemical reactions of H2/O2 combustion gas on heat transfer on a wall in a turbulent channel flow”,
    Journal of Heat Transfer,  Vol.139,  044501 (2017).
    [Online version]
  6. N. Hashimoto, H. Watanabe, R. Kurose, H. Shirai, 
    “Effect of different fuel NO models on the prediction of NO formation/reduction characteristics in a pulverized coal combustion field”,
    Energy,  Vol.118,  pp.47-59 (2017).
    [Online version]
  7. M. Muto, K. Yuasa, R. Kurose, 
    “Numerical simulation of ignition in pulverized coal combustion with detailed chemical reaction mechanism”,
    Fuel,  Vol.190,  pp.136-144 (2017).
    [Online version]


  1. N. Takagaki, R. Kurose, A. Kimura, S. Komori,
    “Effect of Schmidt number on mass transfer across a sheared gas-liquid interface in a wind-driven turbulence”,
    Scientific Reports, Vol.6, 37059, doi:10.1038/srep37059 (2016).
    [Online version]
  2. N. Takagaki, S. Komori, N. Suzuki, K. Iwano, R. Kurose,
    “Mechanism of drag coefficient saturation at strong wind speeds”,
    Geophysical Research Letters, Vol.43, doi:10.1002/2016GL070666 (2016).
    [Online version ]
  3. R. Kurose, N. Takagaki, A. Kimura, S. Komori,
    “Direct numerical simulation of turbulent heat transfer across a sheared wind-driven gas-liquid interface”,
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol.804, pp.646-687 (2016).
    [Online version ]
  4. M. Muto, K. Tanno, R. Kurose,
    “A DNS study on effect of coal particle swelling due to devolatilization on pulverized coal jet flame”,
    Fuel, Vol.184, pp.749-752 (2016).
    [Online version]
  5. T. Kitano, K. Kaneko, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Large-eddy simulations of gas- and liquid-fueled combustion instabilities in back-step flows”,
    Combustion and Flame, Vol.170, pp.63-78 (2016).
    [Online version ]
  6. K. Takata, T. Michioka, R. Kurose,
    “Prediction of visible plume from a dry and wet combined type cooling tower and its mechanism of abatement”,
    Atmosphere, Vol.7, 59 (2016).
    [Online version]
  7. Z. Wang, Y. Deguchi, S. Katsumori, A. Ikutomo, J. Yan, J. Liu, K. Tainaka, K. Tanno, H. Watanabe, R. Kurose,
    “Improved Measurement Characteristics of Elemental Compositions Using LaserInduced Breakdown Spectroscopy”,
    Spectroscopy, Vol.31, pp.22-35 (2016).
    [Online version]


  1. H. Watanabe, D. Uesugi, M. Muto,
    “Effects of parcel modeling on particle dispersion and interphase transfers in a turbulent mixing layer”,
    Advanced Powder Technology, Vol.26, pp.1719-1728 (2015).
    [Online version]
  2. T. Hara, M. Muto, T. Kitano, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Direct numerical simulation of a pulverized coal jet flame employing a global volatile matter reaction scheme based on detailed reaction mechanism”,
    Combustion and Flame, Vol.162, pp.4391-4407 (2015).
    [Online version]
  3. T. Kitano, T. Tsuji, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Effect of pressure oscillations on flashback characteristics in a turbulent channel flow”,
    Energy & Fuels, Vol.29, pp.6815-6822 (2015).
    [Online version]
  4. S. Tachibana, K. Saito, T. Yamamoto, M. Makida, T. Kitano, R. Kurose,
    “Experimental and numerical investigation of thermo-acoustic instability in a liquid-fuel aero-engine combustor at elevated pressure: validity of large-eddy simulation of spray combustion”,
    Combustion and Flame, Vol.162, pp.2621-2637 (2015).
    [Online version]
  5. N. Takagaki, R. Kurose, Y. Tsujimoto, S. Komori, K. Takahashi,
    “Effects of turbulent eddies and Langmuir circulations on scalar transfer in a sheared wind-driven liquid flow”,
    Physics of Fluids, Vol.27, 016603 (2015).
    [Online version]
  6. Z. Wang, Y. Deguchi, H. Watanabe, R. Kurose, J. Yan, J. Liu,
    “Improvement on quantitative measurement of fly ash contents using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy”,
    Journal of Flow Control, Measurement & Visualization, Vol.3, pp.10-21 (2015).
    [Online version]
  7. M. Muto, H. Watanabe, R. Kurose, S. Komori, S. Balusamy, S. Hochgreb,
    “Large-eddy simulation of pulverized coal jet flame -effect of oxygen concentration on NOx generation-”,
    Fuel, Vol.142, pp.152-163 (2015).
    [Online version]


  1. Y. Deguchi, T. Kamimoto, Z.Z. Wang, J.J. Yan, J.P. Liu, H. Watanabe, R. Kurose,
    “Applications of laser diagnostics to thermal power plants and engines”,
    Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol.73, pp.1453-1464 (2014).
    [Online version]
  2. K. Matsuda, R. Onishi, M. Hirahara, R. Kurose, K. Takahashi, S. Komori,
    “Influence of microscale turbulent droplet clustering on radar cloud observations”,
    Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, Vo.71, pp.3569-3582 (2014).
    [Online version]
  3. H. Watanabe, R. Kurose, M. Hayashi, T. Kitano, S. Komori,
    “Effects of ambient pressure and precursors on soot formation in spray flames”,
    Advanced Powder Technology, Vol.25, pp.1376-1387 (2014).
    [Online version]
  4. T. Kitano, J. Nishio, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Evaporation and combustion of multicomponent fuel droplets”,
    Fuel, Vol.136, pp.219-225 (2014).
    [Online version]
  5. N. Takagaki, R. Kurose, Y. Baba, Y. Nakajima, S. Komori,
    “Relationship between momentum of an impinging drop and intensities of vortex rings generated below free surface”,
    International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol.65, pp.1-10 (2014).
    [Online version]
  6. T. Kitano, J. Nishio, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Effects of ambient pressure, gas temperature and combustion reaction on droplet evaporation”,
    Combustion and Flame, Vol.161, pp.551-564 (2014).
    [Online version]


  1. K. Iwano, N. Takagaki, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Mass transfer velocity across the breaking air-water interface at extremely high wind speeds”,
    Tellus B, Vol.65, 21341 (2013).
    [Online version][Erratum]
  2. K. Tanno, R. Kurose, T. Michioka, H. Makino, S. Komori,
    “Direct numerical simulation of flow and surface reaction in de-NOx catalyst”,
    Advanced Powder Technology, Vol.24, pp.879-885 (2013).
    [Online version]
  3. H. Moriai, R. Kurose, H. Watanabe, Y. Yano, F. Akamatsu, S. Komori,
    “Large-eddy simulation of turbulent spray combustion in a subscale aircraft jet engine combustor
    - Predictions of NO and soot concentrations -”,
    Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, Vol.135, 091503 (2013).
    [Online version]
  4. T. Kitano, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Effects of internal pressure and inlet velocity disturbances of air and fuel droplets on spray combustion field”,
    Journal of Thermal Science and Technology, Vol.8, pp.269-280 (2013).
    [Online version]
  5. A. Fujita, H. Watanabe, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Two dimensional direct numerical simulation of spray flames.
    Part 1: Effects of equivalence ratio, fuel droplet size and radiation, and validity of flamelet model”,
    Fuel, Vol.104, pp.515-525 (2013).
    [Online version]
  6. T. Kitano, T. Nakatani, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Two-dimensional direct numerical simulation of spray flames.
    Part 2: Effects of ambient pressure and lift, and validity of flamelet model”,
    Fuel, Vol.104, pp.526-535 (2013).
    [Online version]

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