Major Publications


  1. T.-W. Lee, J.-E. Park, R. Kurose, 
    “Determination of the drop size during atomization of liquid jets in cross flows”,
    Atomization and Sprays,  accepted.
  2. S. Komori, K. Iwano, N. Takagaki, R. Onishi, R. Kurose, K. Takahashi, N. Suzuki, 
    “Laboratory measurements of heat transfer and drag coefficients at extremely high wind speeds”,
    Journal of Physical Oceanography,  accepted.
  3. M. Muto, K. Yuasa, R. Kurose, 
    “Numerical simulation of soot formation in pulverized coal combustion with detailed chemical reaction mechanism”,
    Advanced Powder Technology,  29,  1119-1127 (2018).
    [Online version]
  4. A. L. Pillai, R. Kurose, 
    “Numerical investigation of combustion noise in an open turbulent spray flame”,
    Applied Acoustics,  133,  16-27 (2018).
    [Online version]
  5. H. Tani, H. Terashima, Y. Daimon, M. Koshi, R. Kurose, 
    “A numerical study on hypergolic combustion of hydrazine sprays in nitrogen tetroxide streams”,
    Combustion Science and Technology,  190,  515-533 (2018).
    [Online version]
  6. Y. Hu, R. Kurose, 
    “Nonpremixed and premixed flamelets LES of partially premixed spray flames using a two-phase transport equation of progress variable”,
    Combustion and Flame,  188,  227-242 (2018).
    [Online version] (Open Access)


  1. N. Takagaki, S. Komori, M. Ishida, K. Iwano, R. Kurose, N. Suzuki, 
    “Loop-type wave-generation method for generating wind waves under long-fetch conditions”,
    Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology,  34,  2129-2139 (2017).
    [Online version]
  2. R. N. Roy, M. Muto, R. Kurose, 
    “Direct numerical simulation of ignition of syngas (H2/CO) mixtures with temperature and composition stratifications relevant to HCCI conditions”,
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,  42, 41,  26152-26161 (2017).
    [Online version]
  3. A. Kishimoto, H. Moriai, K. Takenaka, T. Nishiie, M. Adachi, A. Ogawara, R. Kurose, 
    “Application of a non-adiabatic flamelet/progress-variable approach to Large Eddy Simulation of H2/O2 combustion under a pressurized condition”,
    Journal of Heat Transfer,  139,  124501 (4 pages) (2017).
    [Online version]
  4. K. Takata, R. Kurose, 
    “Influence of density flow on treated water turbidity in a sedimentation basin with inclined plate settler”,
    Water Science & Technology,  17,  1140-1148 (2017).
  5. T. Kitano, H. Iida, R. Kurose, 
    “Effect of chemical reactions of H2/O2 combustion gas on heat transfer on a wall in a turbulent channel flow”,
    Journal of Heat Transfer,  Vol.139,  044501 (2017).
    [Online version]
  6. N. Hashimoto, H. Watanabe, R. Kurose, H. Shirai, 
    “Effect of different fuel NO models on the prediction of NO formation/reduction characteristics in a pulverized coal combustion field”,
    Energy,  Vol.118,  pp.47-59 (2017).
    [Online version]
  7. M. Muto, K. Yuasa, R. Kurose, 
    “Numerical simulation of ignition in pulverized coal combustion with detailed chemical reaction mechanism”,
    Fuel,  Vol.190,  pp.136-144 (2017).
    [Online version]


  1. N. Takagaki, R. Kurose, A. Kimura, S. Komori,
    “Effect of Schmidt number on mass transfer across a sheared gas-liquid interface in a wind-driven turbulence”,
    Scientific Reports, Vol.6, 37059, doi:10.1038/srep37059 (2016).
    [Online version]
  2. N. Takagaki, S. Komori, N. Suzuki, K. Iwano, R. Kurose,
    “Mechanism of drag coefficient saturation at strong wind speeds”,
    Geophysical Research Letters, Vol.43, doi:10.1002/2016GL070666 (2016).
    [Online version ]
  3. R. Kurose, N. Takagaki, A. Kimura, S. Komori,
    “Direct numerical simulation of turbulent heat transfer across a sheared wind-driven gas-liquid interface”,
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol.804, pp.646-687 (2016).
    [Online version ]
  4. M. Muto, K. Tanno, R. Kurose,
    “A DNS study on effect of coal particle swelling due to devolatilization on pulverized coal jet flame”,
    Fuel, Vol.184, pp.749-752 (2016).
    [Online version]
  5. T. Kitano, K. Kaneko, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Large-eddy simulations of gas- and liquid-fueled combustion instabilities in back-step flows”,
    Combustion and Flame, Vol.170, pp.63-78 (2016).
    [Online version ]
  6. K. Takata, T. Michioka, R. Kurose,
    “Prediction of visible plume from a dry and wet combined type cooling tower and its mechanism of abatement”,
    Atmosphere, Vol.7, 59 (2016).
    [Online version]
  7. Z. Wang, Y. Deguchi, S. Katsumori, A. Ikutomo, J. Yan, J. Liu, K. Tainaka, K. Tanno, H. Watanabe, R. Kurose,
    “Improved Measurement Characteristics of Elemental Compositions Using LaserInduced Breakdown Spectroscopy”,
    Spectroscopy, Vol.31, pp.22-35 (2016).
    [Online version]


  1. H. Watanabe, D. Uesugi, M. Muto,
    “Effects of parcel modeling on particle dispersion and interphase transfers in a turbulent mixing layer”,
    Advanced Powder Technology, Vol.26, pp.1719-1728 (2015).
    [Online version]
  2. T. Hara, M. Muto, T. Kitano, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Direct numerical simulation of a pulverized coal jet flame employing a global volatile matter reaction scheme based on detailed reaction mechanism”,
    Combustion and Flame, Vol.162, pp.4391-4407 (2015).
    [Online version]
  3. T. Kitano, T. Tsuji, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Effect of pressure oscillations on flashback characteristics in a turbulent channel flow”,
    Energy & Fuels, Vol.29, pp.6815-6822 (2015).
    [Online version]
  4. S. Tachibana, K. Saito, T. Yamamoto, M. Makida, T. Kitano, R. Kurose,
    “Experimental and numerical investigation of thermo-acoustic instability in a liquid-fuel aero-engine combustor at elevated pressure: validity of large-eddy simulation of spray combustion”,
    Combustion and Flame, Vol.162, pp.2621-2637 (2015).
    [Online version]
  5. N. Takagaki, R. Kurose, Y. Tsujimoto, S. Komori, K. Takahashi,
    “Effects of turbulent eddies and Langmuir circulations on scalar transfer in a sheared wind-driven liquid flow”,
    Physics of Fluids, Vol.27, 016603 (2015).
    [Online version]
  6. Z. Wang, Y. Deguchi, H. Watanabe, R. Kurose, J. Yan, J. Liu,
    “Improvement on quantitative measurement of fly ash contents using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy”,
    Journal of Flow Control, Measurement & Visualization, Vol.3, pp.10-21 (2015).
    [Online version]
  7. M. Muto, H. Watanabe, R. Kurose, S. Komori, S. Balusamy, S. Hochgreb,
    “Large-eddy simulation of pulverized coal jet flame -effect of oxygen concentration on NOx generation-”,
    Fuel, Vol.142, pp.152-163 (2015).
    [Online version]


  1. Y. Deguchi, T. Kamimoto, Z.Z. Wang, J.J. Yan, J.P. Liu, H. Watanabe, R. Kurose,
    “Applications of laser diagnostics to thermal power plants and engines”,
    Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol.73, pp.1453-1464 (2014).
    [Online version]
  2. K. Matsuda, R. Onishi, M. Hirahara, R. Kurose, K. Takahashi, S. Komori,
    “Influence of microscale turbulent droplet clustering on radar cloud observations”,
    Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, Vo.71, pp.3569-3582 (2014).
    [Online version]
  3. H. Watanabe, R. Kurose, M. Hayashi, T. Kitano, S. Komori,
    “Effects of ambient pressure and precursors on soot formation in spray flames”,
    Advanced Powder Technology, Vol.25, pp.1376-1387 (2014).
    [Online version]
  4. T. Kitano, J. Nishio, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Evaporation and combustion of multicomponent fuel droplets”,
    Fuel, Vol.136, pp.219-225 (2014).
    [Online version]
  5. N. Takagaki, R. Kurose, Y. Baba, Y. Nakajima, S. Komori,
    “Relationship between momentum of an impinging drop and intensities of vortex rings generated below free surface”,
    International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol.65, pp.1-10 (2014).
    [Online version]
  6. T. Kitano, J. Nishio, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Effects of ambient pressure, gas temperature and combustion reaction on droplet evaporation”,
    Combustion and Flame, Vol.161, pp.551-564 (2014).
    [Online version]


  1. K. Iwano, N. Takagaki, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Mass transfer velocity across the breaking air-water interface at extremely high wind speeds”,
    Tellus B, Vol.65, 21341 (2013).
    [Online version][Erratum]
  2. K. Tanno, R. Kurose, T. Michioka, H. Makino, S. Komori,
    “Direct numerical simulation of flow and surface reaction in de-NOx catalyst”,
    Advanced Powder Technology, Vol.24, pp.879-885 (2013).
    [Online version]
  3. H. Moriai, R. Kurose, H. Watanabe, Y. Yano, F. Akamatsu, S. Komori,
    “Large-eddy simulation of turbulent spray combustion in a subscale aircraft jet engine combustor
    - Predictions of NO and soot concentrations -”,
    Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, Vol.135, 091503 (2013).
    [Online version]
  4. T. Kitano, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Effects of internal pressure and inlet velocity disturbances of air and fuel droplets on spray combustion field”,
    Journal of Thermal Science and Technology, Vol.8, pp.269-280 (2013).
    [Online version]
  5. A. Fujita, H. Watanabe, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Two dimensional direct numerical simulation of spray flames.
    Part 1: Effects of equivalence ratio, fuel droplet size and radiation, and validity of flamelet model”,
    Fuel, Vol.104, pp.515-525 (2013).
    [Online version]
  6. T. Kitano, T. Nakatani, R. Kurose, S. Komori,
    “Two-dimensional direct numerical simulation of spray flames.
    Part 2: Effects of ambient pressure and lift, and validity of flamelet model”,
    Fuel, Vol.104, pp.526-535 (2013).
    [Online version]

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